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Specification for Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes for Steel Mill Service (AIST TR-06), PDF Guide for the Design and Construction of Mill Buildings (AIST TR-13), PDF
Guide for the Design and Construction of Mill Buildings (AIST TR-13), PDF
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The 2018 edition of AIST Specification for Electrical Overhead Traveling Cranes for Steel Mill Service (Technical Report No. 6) is the 10th revision since the first AISEE General Crane Specification was published in 1910. Authored by crane owners, engineers, manufacturers and equipment suppliers, the consensus-derived technical report outlines experience-proven best practices, maintenance friendly designs, and flexible and practical options for crane applications in the steel mill and related facilities. Since its most recent update in 2005, TR-06 has gained wider acceptance in environments that demand overhead cranes operate in difficult conditions, including contributors and users from not just the steel industry, but also aluminum, shipping, and the military, among others.
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This report guides the owner and designer through the many assumptions and parameters involved in the design of a mill building. It suggests loads and load combinations for the design of crane runways, roof structures, floors, columns, building frames and foundations. Information is given for investigation, earthwork and excavation requirements as in the 1997 edition, as well as revisions to vibration, foundation, soil bearing foundation, crane rails and crane rail splices. In the 2003 edition, all information has been reviewed and updated to the current state-of-the-art procedures for design. However, latitude has been provided for even more advanced proven techniques. All information and direction is within the requirements of national codes and specifications. A listing of many references (also revised) is provided.