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The Original Steelmakers The Original Steelmakers

This monograph is a tribute to the men who developed tonnage steelmaking over three decades in the mid-19th century.

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Steel Conquers the World Steel Conquers the World

Rainer Köthe
Steel Conquers the World recounts the fascinating history and wide-ranging uses of iron and steel. Renowned scientific journalist Dr. Rainer Köthe offers a gripping yet easily understood portrait of iron, its provenance in cosmic fire storms and its abundance in nature. Chapters describe how iron ore is extracted from huge mines today, how gigantic blast furnaces smelt that ore and how the resultant hot metal is converted into steel. The fully illustrated book presents a number of truly spectacular applications to which iron and steel have been put. This is a great book to introduce our most important material to a younger generation.

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Lost Steel Plants of the Monongahela River Valley Lost Steel Plants of the Monongahela River Valley

Robert S. Dorsett
Pittsburgh’s Monongahela River is named after the Lenape Indian word Menaonkihela, meaning “where banks cave and erode.” The name is fitting: for over a century, these riverbanks were lined with steel plants and railroads that have now “caved and eroded” away. By the 1880s, Carnegie Steel was the world’s largest manufacturer of iron, steel rails and coke. However, in the 1970s, cheap foreign steel flooded the market. Following the 1981–1982 recession, the plants laid off 153,000 workers. The year 1985 saw the beginning of demolition; by 1990, seven of nine major steel plants had shut down. Duquesne, Homestead, Jones & Laughlin, and Eliza Furnace are gone; only the Edgar Thomson plant remains as a producer of steel. While these steel plants are lost today, the legacy of their workers is not forgotten.

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Steel: The Story of Pittsburgh’s Iron & Steel Industry, 1852–1902 Steel: The Story of Pittsburgh’s Iron & Steel Industry, 1852–1902

Dale Richard Perelman
Steel: The Story of Pittsburgh’s Iron & Steel Industry, 1852–1902, portrays the growth of the industry in smoke-filled Pittsburgh during America’s industrial age. It’s the fast-paced saga of millionaire barons Andrew Carnegie, Ben Franklin Jones, Henry Clay Frick, Henry Phipps and Charles Schwab. These strong-willed leaders often plotted and schemed against one another yet united against their underpaid and undervalued pro-union immigrant workforce. Author Dale Richard Perelman recounts this struggle of bloody battles throughout Western Pennsylvania’s plants, mines and railroad yards.

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City of Steel City of Steel

Kenneth J. Kobus
In City of Steel, Ken Kobus explores the evolution of the steel industry to celebrate the innovation and technology that created and sustained Pittsburgh’s steel boom. Focusing on the Carnegie Steel Co.’s success as leader of the region’s steelmakers, Kobus goes inside the science of steelmaking to investigate the technological advancements that fueled the industry’s success. City of Steel showcases how, through ingenuity and determination, Pittsburgh’s steelmakers transformed western Pennsylvania and forever changed the face of American industry and business.

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History of Ironmaking History of Ironmaking

This book provides a detailed description of the evolution of ironmaking, from ancient smelting holes to modern blast furnaces. It helps lay the foundation for understanding where the historical ironmaking journey begins and ends, while providing details of the many intermediate steps along the way.

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